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Attendance Forms

Absence Excuse Form

Students are required to submit a physician’s note or a Student Absence Excuse form signed by a parent/guardian.  This is required by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Education and should be provided upon the student’s return to school.

Early Dismissal Request Form

If your child needs to be released early for a doctor’s appointment, you must notify the Student Affairs Office at least one day in advance by phone, or by submitting an official Early Dismissal Request.  Additional forms are also available at the Student Affairs Office.  Parents/Guardians must sign out their child at the Main Office.

Student Drivers – Early Dismissal:  Parents of student drivers who are requesting an early release must notify the Student Affairs Office by phone one day in advance.  In addition, parents of student drivers must follow up with the Early Dismissal Request signed by a parent/guardian which authorizes the student to leave the school property.  For record keeping and liability purposes, the standard form is required.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Affairs
Office of Attendance
Mrs. Connie Morrow
610-866-0791, Ext. 330