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Attendance Information

Attendance matters are handled by Mrs. Morrow in the Student Affairs Office (610) 866-0791, Ext. 330.


A parent or guardian must report a student’s absence by 8:05 a.m. each day a student is absent, unless the call specifies that the student will be absent for a specific number of days.  To report a student absence, please call 610-866-0791, ext. 330 and leave a message on the attendance Voicemail, which is available 24/7.  Please provide the following information:

  • Identity of the caller (mother, father, guardian)
  • Name of the student
  • Grade level (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
  • Reason for absence or lateness

Absence Excusal Note

In addition to reporting the absence, an Absence Excusal Note or a physician’s note (if absent for 3 consecutive days) should be provided on the day the student returns to school.  This is a requirement of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  The absence must still be reported on the day it occurs. 

Family Vacation Requests/College Visit Requests

Please submit a Family Vacation/College Visit Request Form 10 days in advance.  This form is also available at the SAO.  Please note that students are responsible for any missed assignments.


A parent or guardian must report a student’s lateness to the Student Affairs Office by 8:20 a.m. by calling 610-866-0791, Ext. 330.  Lateness will be excused for the following reasons:

  • Doctor’s appointments (with verifiable note from medical professional)
  • A late bus
  • Verifiable emergencies, situations, or weather conditions
  • Documented court appearance
  • DMV Appointment

An unexcused lateness to school is unacceptable and may warrant (1) infraction point.

24-Hour Notice for Doctor/Dentist/DMV Appointments

Parents must request an early dismissal for a doctor’s appointment 24-hours in advance whenever possible so that the classroom attendance will reflect that the student was excused.  Last minute notification of an appointment often results in teacher inquiries regarding class cuts.  The student must provide a doctor’s note when they return from the appointment.

If a student is being dismissed early for a doctor’s appointment, they should come to the SAO to get their release pass on the morning of the appointment.  At time of dismissal the student should report to the reception desk in the main lobby and present the release pass.  Parents should park at the front entrance of the school and the receptionist will escort the student out of the building. If a student is returning to school after the appointment, they do not need to be accompanied by a parent.  Students should come to the SAO upon returning and will receive a pass to return to class.  If using the gym or auditorium entrances, please have the student ring the doorbell to be screened for secure entry into the building.

Please note that student drivers will be dismissed for their appointment at the Student Affairs Office.