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Student Life

When students attend Bethlehem Catholic, they are amazed by the many opportunities that they have available to them. Student life at Becahi is alive and well with the plethora of sports, activities, clubs and competitions that exist. With over 40 clubs and activities, there is something for everyone at Bethlehem Catholic. Seniors to freshmen join clubs, participate in activities, build friendships and grow in confidence when they become a part of the student life at Becahi. The dynamic student life adds another key component to the Becahi experience that helps make our students well-rounded and energized.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry of Bethlehem Catholic High School seeks to offer experiences and opportunities that foster growth towards enabling students to live their faith, serve with compassion and embody integrity through retreats, service formation, liturgical celebrations, ministries and activities. With the dedicated witness…

Student of the Week

Student Of The Week

Student of the Week Nomination Form Students may be nominated by a teacher or a fellow student. All nominees should be given directly to Mrs. DeNofa or to Mrs. Miskovich in the Main Office. Students will be recognized for their outstanding achievements….

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Clubs + Organizations

Competitive Clubs Debate Team Four competitions are held from October to December to determine which two teams from each division will go to the semi-finals in December. Debate competitions are held in the afternoon of a school day at one of the…