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Sports Physicals


The PIAA mandates paperwork and a sports physical prior to participation in practices, scrimmages, and competitions for all student-athletes. Student-athletes must complete this paperwork and get a new sports’ physical each school year.

This paperwork can be downloaded and printed from the PIAA website:    

It is also available in the main office and outside of the athletic training room.

Please review the helpful information for completing the form and FAQs below. If you have any additional questions, please contact Mr. Noah Adams, Becahi’s Athletic Trainer, at (610) 655-7567  or

Helpful Information

Sections 1-5: These forms include emergency contact information, certification by parent/guardian, understanding the risks of concussion, understanding sudden cardiac arrest and health history for the student-athlete.

  • Completed by a parent/guardian and are done once per school year.

Section 6: Preparticipation Physical Evaluation: This form must be completed after June 1st of the school year they are entering.

  • Completed by a physician and is done once per school year.

Section 7: Re-certification by Parent/Guardian: This section of the form needs to be completed if the student-athlete has already submitted sections 1-7 for a previous sport season and would like to participate in another sport season in the same school year.

  • Completed by a parent/guardian and is done with each sport season the student-athlete participates in.

Section 8: Re-certification by physician: This section of the form needs to be completed if the student-athlete has already submitted sections 1-7 for a previous sport season, was injured during that season, and has not brought in a physician’s clearance note.

  • Completed by a physician and is done if the student-athlete is injured during a sport season and is not cleared by a physician before entering another sport season.

Section 9: Minimum Wrestling Weight: This section of the form is specific to those interested in wrestling.

    • Completed by the school’s athletic trainer as well as the school’s team physician, specific for wrestlers.

    As partners in healthcare with Bethlehem Catholic High School, Lehigh Valley Orthopedic Institute (LVHN) is pleased to offer no charge PIAA sports physicals to Bethlehem Catholic’s athletes. These free physicals are offered before the start of the fall, winter, and spring sports seasons.  Watch for the pop-up window that will provide the necessary information for accessing the free sports physicals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. My student-athlete got a physical for the start of school or for their driving test, can we use the same physical?

    No, unfortunately the sports physical is a bit different than the physical required by the nurse’s office or the DMV. The sports physical is a more in depth physical exam to make sure the student-athlete is safe to participate in sports.

    2. My student-athlete played a fall sport; do they need to have a new physical done for a winter or spring sport?

    No, they do not need a new physical. However, they do need to complete section 7 of the PIAA paperwork. This form is completed by a parent or guardian.

    3. My student-athlete played a spring sport and is playing a fall sport; can I use the same physical from the spring?

    No, a new physical is required each school year. A physical completed in the spring would no longer be valid for the following school year according to the PIAA since the physical must be dated after June 1st of the year that they are entering a new grade.

    4. My student-athlete got a physical billed through our primary insurance and only one physical per year is covered, how can I get them a new physical?

    For example:
    The student-athlete got a physical done in April of 2024.  According to the PIAA, they need a physical dated after June 1, 2024 (for the 2024-2025 school year).

    There are a few options:

    Option 1: The physician can fill out new paperwork.

    If the physical was completed within a few months some physicians will complete section 6 because their previous physical was within an allotted time, and they may not bill the insurance since no exam is taking place and they are just filling out the paperwork.

    Option 2: LVHN free physical.

    LVHN offers free sports physicals for a limited time period prior to the start of the sport’s season. Please contact Mr. Adams to find out the specific time frame for your sport.

    Option 3: Paying for another physical.

    Unfortunately, if the physician won’t fill out the paperwork and the student-athlete missed the window for a free physical at LVHN you may need to pay for a new physical.

    5. Who do we give this paperwork to/where can we turn it in?

    Paperwork can be turned in to the main office, given directly to the athletic trainer, placed in the folder on the cork board outside the athletic training room to the right of the door that says, “paperwork drop off folder”, or emailed to Mr. Adams. Please do not give any paperwork to the nurse or the coaches.