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Academic Support

Bethlehem Catholic is committed to supporting its students academically in a variety of ways. Families work with the Director of Admissions (upon application to the school) and Guidance Counselors to assess any needed academic support. Guidance Counselors work as a liaison between the student/family and the teachers to assist in ways to support students academically. Academic needs are reviewed in tandem so that modifications and/or accommodations can be given to students in class. Tutoring, preferential seating, chunking of materials, etc. are all offered supports by Bethlehem Catholic.

Further, the Office of Education for the Diocese of Allentown will unveil and implement Inclusive Catholic Education (ICE) guidelines to be utilized in all schools. Bethlehem Catholic will fully participate and implement these ICE guidelines. The guidelines will assist schools to offer various academic supports, modifications and accommodations which will hopefully translate into academic success and achievements for students who need academic assistance and support.

NHS Tutoring

An integral element of the National Honor Society (NHS) at Bethlehem Catholic High School is service, and service within the walls of our school is crucial. To that end, all NHS students are required to provide service to their peers by tutoring in the morning or afternoon at least one day a week.

When a struggling student requests assistance in a particular subject, their teacher and guidance counselor complete a form with the student, and this form is submitted for scheduling. This form is matched to a graph with all NHS students, who have provided information with schedule availability and subjects which that NHS student will tutor. Within a day, an email is sent to the parents of the student who requested assistance, their teacher and the guidance counselor with the day, time, tutor and subject. Attendance is monitored, and feedback is provided. Over the course of any given year, NHS members provide hundreds of hours of tutoring for close to 100 students.

Faculty Tutoring

All faculty members are available to assist students who may need extra help. After school tutoring is available for students. Each teacher has a different policy with regards to tutoring. Some teachers have set days that they tutor each week. Others have tutoring at student request. Teachers share their tutoring policy with students at the beginning of the school year. Students who want to seek extra help should be proactive and discuss this need with their teacher and set up times that are mutually agreeable.