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When students attend Bethlehem Catholic, they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the arts. Becahi boasts the largest marching band in the Diocese of Allentown. In addition to that, students interested in music can participate in jazz and orchestra bands as well as take  Music Theory and Music Appreciation courses. For those budding artists, art classes are available to students during the normal school day schedule. One of our most popular activities is Theater.BECA Theater puts on three performances a year which include the grade school Christmas show, winter play, and the spring musical. The work of the Theater is recognized annually by the Freddy Awards. For those students interested in singing, Choir is offered as one of our many activities. A dance team was formed several years back for those young ladies interested in dance. They perform at sporting events, the annual variety show, pep rallies and other school functions. At a time when many schools are cutting the arts, Bethlehem Catholic continues to support and grow this very important aspect of our school community.

Instrumental Music

Billy Joel once said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an expression of humanity … something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” In Bethlehem Catholic’s Instrumental Music programs, we believe this statement…

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The BECAHI Choir’s most important role is to provide liturgical music and is a great way to share the gift of music.  Under the exceptional direction of Mrs. Rosemary Murdy-Haber, our choir provides hymns, liturgies, anthems, and communion music during school Masses….

hawk ambassadors


Drama & Theater Mrs. Diana Tice, Department Chair Fine Arts, World Languages and PE , Director of Theater Productions- Mrs. Rachael Leonard, Spanish Teacher, Assistant Director of Plays – Mr. Joseph Fink, Music/Orchestra Director – Mr. D.J. Seibert, Tech…

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The dance team is a student organization that is focused on spirit, teamwork, and leadership. The main goal of the dance team is to bring a livelihood to the student body through different styles of dance such as jazz, hip hop, and…

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