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Faculty and Staff Directory

Bethlehem Catholic High School takes great pride in its dedicated, caring faculty and staff. These men and women work tirelessly to help students achieve academically, spiritually and personally. Our team ranges from veteran teachers and administrative professionals who have 40+ years’ experience to younger faculty and staff who strive to learn from and emulate their mentors. Please feel free to contact any of these faithful men and women if a need arises.


Hayley Bedics

Department: English | Email: | Phone: (610) 866-0791 ext. 5117

Shawn Blasco

Department: English | Email: | Phone: (610) 866-0791 ext. 5223

Rachael Leonard

Department: World Languages [ Email: [Phone: 610-866-0791, ext 5109

Department: IT | Email:  | Phone: (610) 866-0791 ext. 5228

Department: English | Email: | Phone: (610) 866-0791 ext. 5208