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Fundraising Policy


Bethlehem Catholic High School’s fundraising policy provides athletic teams, activities and clubs the opportunity to raise funds within a framework of fairness and fiscal responsibility. This policy must be followed when athletic teams, clubs or activities plan to raise money on behalf of the school or any of its affiliated programs.

Fund-raising Requirements

All fundraising must be approved through the Advancement and Finance Offices using the Bethlehem Catholic Fundraising Request Form. Plans/ideas must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the event/campaign. Groups can expect a response within one week of submission. The contact person will be notified once the event or campaign is approved.

Solicitation of businesses to be patrons and/or sponsors is limited to the following fundraising activities: Golden Hawk Golf Classic (September), Fall Football Program (August/September), Golden Gala (March) and the Spring Musical (March/April.)

Students may be encouraged but not required to participate in fundraising. No penalties may be levied for non-participation.

All fundraising activities must not be in conflict with the mission of Bethlehem Catholic High School and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Reporting Requirements

A fiscal report for each fundraising event must be submitted at the conclusion of the fundraising. The report must include dollar amount collected, costs incurred and net proceeds.

If a fundraiser exceeds the specified goal, include a statement as to how the additional funds will be used.

All funds generated from any fundraiser must be deposited with the Bethlehem Catholic High School accounting office.

To download printable copies of this policy and the fundraising request form, click on the links below.

Bethlehem Catholic Fundraising Request Form

Bethlehem Catholic Fundraising Policy