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School Profile

School Profile

Principal: Mr. Lucas Wilde
CEEB Code: 390309

Bethlehem Catholic High School is a four-year co-educational Catholic high school supervised by the Allentown Diocese Department of Education. Bethlehem Catholic High School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The current enrollment is approximately 550 students. Curriculum offerings include general studies, college preparatory courses, honors and advanced placement classes and vocational-technical options. There are 37 faculty members giving the school an approximate 15:1 student/teacher ratio. Graduation from Bethlehem Catholic High School requires a minimum of 27 credits and 70 hours of community service.

Statistics of Graduating Classes2019202020212022
Four year colleges and universities79%76%77%71%
Two year colleges, Business, Nursing and Technical Schools15%
Average College Placement Scores 2022 (4 year, college-bound seniors) 
Mathematics: 556Composite Score: 24
Reading & Writing: 674
Major Course Grading SystemMajor Course Grading System**
100 – 93 (A) Excellent100 – 97 (A+)86 – 83 (B)73 – 72 (C-)
  92 – 85 (B) Good   96 – 93 (A)82 – 80 (B-)71 - 70 (D)
  84 – 76 (C) Fair  92 – 90 (A-)
79 – 77 (C+)69 and below (F)
  75 – 70 (D) Poor (Final Average)  89 – 87 (B+) 76 – 74 (C)
  69 and below (F) No Credit/Not Passing**Begins with the Class of 2024

Student Honor Roll

First Honors Grade – 90

Second Honors Grade – 85

Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average is exact, cumulative and weighted according to the level at which the subject is presented at the end of each semester.

  • Quality points used to calculate GPA are reported on a 4.0 weighted scale.
  • Different quality point values are assigned for CP, Honors, and AP courses.
  • Physical Education, Health, Drivers Education, Freshman Seminar and Band Front are not included in the cumulative average.
  • Bethlehem Catholic no longer ranks students.

Quality Point Conversion Chart