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Gift Card Program

Bethlehem Catholic has a successful Gift Card Program that has been helping families reduce tuition costs since 1994.

Gift cards for local supermarkets, department stores, restaurants and specialty stores are available in the Main Office.  In addition, you can order gift cards online for hundreds more stores and restaurants through

Each purchase of gift cards here at the school earns you a credit of 4% credit on your tuition account.  Online purchases earn you a credit of one half the stated rebate.

Availability:  When school is in session, gift cards can be purchased in the Main Office from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  For summer hours, please call.

Students may also drop off orders at the Main Office before 1:00 p.m.  Orders are then filled and returned to the student during their 8th period class.

You can order from any time, day or night, once your account is set up. Call the office for the current enrollment code.  Physical gift cards will be delivered to the school for pick-up or delivery to your student.  ReloadNow and ScripNow purchases are available immediately when paid with PrestoPay.  See for details.

Payment:  You can pay for your gift cards in cash or by check made out to Bethlehem Catholic High School.  Online orders can be paid with PrestoPay, a service of

Tuition Credits:  Credits are applied to tuition accounts four times a year:  September, December, March and May.

Links to order forms are found below.  If you have any questions about our Gift Card Programs, please contact Lisa Toolan in the Main Office at 610-866-0791, ext.

Grocery and Pharmacy

Department Stores, Restaurants and Specialty Stores


Shop With Scrip

Bethlehem Catholic is excited to introduce Shop With Scrip as an addition to its Gift Card Program. Shop with Scrip is an online service that allows families to order gift cards online, allows instant payments with PrestoPay, instant reloads with ReloadNow and…

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