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Student Affairs Information

The Student Affairs Office, Room #115 is located on the first floor on the south side of the school building. Housed within this area are the desk of the Attendance Officer and the private offices of the Dean of Student Life, the Disciplinarian, and the Sophomore Guidance Counselor.

As the name implies, this is where a myriad of student related issues and activities take place. After reading the following information it will be easy to see how virtually every student, sooner or later, will have a reason to visit what is referred to as the “SAO”.

The Student Affairs Office is where students:

· Check in and sign a late slip if arriving to school after 8:05 a.m.

· Sign in if arriving on a late bus

· Hand in absence notes

· Notify Student Affairs at least one day in advance for appointments which will result in a student’s lateness to school or early dismissal. Student Affairs will provide a Release Pass on the morning of the appointment, which will excuse the student from class at the appropriate time.

· Submit parent-written notification of a planned vacation or college visit.

· Check in after returning from an appointment

· Submit official notes from a medical professional requesting early dismissal from classes or exemption from a dress code requirement or other school rule

· Obtain permission to briefly leave the building to retrieve something from his/her automobile

· Obtain items needed to repair uniforms (i.e. needle & thread, buttons, safety pins, etc.), and to shave if necessary

· Report here if the Health Room is closed to call a parent to come and sign them out of school

· Make personal phone calls during school hours (cell phones are not permitted to be used during the day)

· Check for lost items; turn in found items

· Check for classroom changes

· Report locker problems

· Order a replacement for lost or damaged ID tags

· Inquire about daily schedules/announcements

· Rent a sweater, golf shirt, or temporary ID tag for the day

· Pay fines (e.g. parking, cell phones,)

· Claim confiscated cell phone at 2:30 p.m.

· Report here if dismissed from a class or Mass due to misbehavior

· Serve after school detentions

· Bring any question or seek clarification for any school-related matter

· Meet with the Sophomore Guidance Counselor

· Meet with the Dean of Student Life

· Meet with the Disciplinarian

· Speak with the Attendance Officer regarding attendance issues

Students are strongly encouraged to bring personal concerns, problems, questions or complaints to the attention of either or both of these individuals whenever they arise. Any form of harassment should be reported by the student or his/her parent as soon as possible.

Uniform Information

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Dress Code Policy

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