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Bethlehem Catholic Centennial Yearbook

Image of the centennial logo, which is the number 100 with the two zeros being the centennial coin and the Beca Seal.

image of boys basketball team
image of female students at their lockers - Dewberry and Madison Campus, when it is still separate boys/girls wings

We are still in need of Brown And Gold / Sceptre Yearbooks for the classes of 1931 through 1947, and  the class of 1949.  Search your parents’ attics and basements for those lost yearbooks. The best way to ensure that your members from these classes are pictured with a caption in the Centennial Yearbook is to provide us with a copies of images that we can scan and return to you.

If you cannot find a yearbook, please email images of family photos of your relatives from these graduation years when they were at Bethlehem Catholic. If we cannot find these yearbooks, we will use your images. Email Tom Vresics at if you want to write a brief two-paragraph intro about your graduating class, Becahi Sport or Club for the Centennial Yearbook. We will provide you with a template. Perhaps you can gather a few friends from your class over breakfast or lunch to enhance the experience and recall fond memories. You (or all of you) will get credit in the Becahi Centennial yearbook.

Graduating Class Points:

  • What major world or national events took place during your graduation year?
  • Who was the Valedictorian and Salutatorian from your class?
  • Who was the Homecoming King and Queen / Prom King and Queen?
  • What was your Prom Theme Song?
  • Were there any significant sports championships won in your senior year?
  • Who are the Distinguished Graduates and Athletic Wall of Famers from your class?
  • How would you characterize your class?
  • When was your last reunion? Please share a picture for the Centennial Yearbook.

Sports or Activity Points:

  • What is the descriptive nature and characteristics of the sport or activity?
  • Who were the most famous and beloved coaches or moderators?
  • What years had the best records or the most memorable shows or achievements?
  • Does the sport/activity have graduates who gained Pro / Olympic / World recognition?
  • Did the sport/activity achieve national recognition?
  • Did the sport/activity achieve any State Championships / State Recognition?

Note:  A great source of information about Becahi’s past, current and future happenings is John O’Boyle’s  Tidings, Bethlehem Catholic High School’s Alumni Newsletter.    To reach the Alumni Newsletter, click on the Alumni tab located in the brown navigation bar at the top of the school website.  The link to the Alumni Newsletter is in the tan sidebar on the right side of the Alumni page.  All issues of the Tidings Newsletter, dating back to March 2018 can be found on the Alumni Newsletter page.  Links to lists of your classes’ Distinguished Graduates and Athletic Wall of Famers are also found in the same tan sidebar.

image of freshmen working on the Bethlehem Catholic Centennial Yearbook

Last year’s freshmen learning about each of your classes. If your class does not get a person or group to write an intro for your class, we will use the ones they created for your class.