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Becahi Centennial Alumni Directory

Image of the centennial logo, which is the number 100 with the two zeros being the centennial coin and the Beca Seal.Bethlehem Catholic’s jubilant celebration of our historic 100-year story begins with our Centennial Alumni Directory. We need your help to complete this first step of what will be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime event.

The postcards and emails below are officially sent to you by the Bethlehem Catholic Centennial Celebration Team, a.k.a. #Becahi100.  Please tell your alumni family, classmates, and friends to call during PCI’s hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 8 AM until 10 PM EST.

A copy of the address side of the post card from PCI, the company that is publishing the Centennial Directory A copy of the post card from PCI, the company that is publishing the Centennial Directory, with the information to contact them to update alumni information
bottom the the email sent out by PCI, the company publishing the Becahi Centennial Alumni Directory

The Becahi Centennial Alumni Directory (BCAD) will be published in April 2025.

Important Note: You are not obligated to buy anything after providing your information. Buying the Bethlehem Catholic Centennial Alumni Directory for $159.98 plus shipping and handling is fine if you need it. However, your updated information is the most valuable thing for Becahi.

Bethlehem Catholic Alumni Directory – FAQ

We look forward to seeing you at our Centennial Kickoff Celebration on Saturday, July 19, and our Centennial Grand Finale on Saturday, June 27. We will send out more details in the coming months, but the Bethlehem Catholic Alumni Directory is the essential first step toward the success of Becahi’s Centennial Celebration.