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2024 Golden Gala Honorees

mage of Kathy and Mike Grasso, the Golden Gala 2024 Honorees

During the lead up to Bethlehem Catholic’s Centennial Celebration in 2025-2026, we are focusing upon the teachers who made us better academically, morally, personally, professionally, and spiritually. The reason behind this is that the relationships we form at Becahi have a far greater influence on the quality of our lives than anything else ever could.

From the mid-1980s till now, no one person meant so much to so many people, as Coach Mike Grasso.  We are all grateful to his lovely wife, Kathy Ripper Grasso from the Bethlehem Catholic class of 1970, who is ultimately responsible for bringing Mike into the Bethlehem Catholic Family. On Saturday, March 23rd we will honor these two beloved Golden Hawks!