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Fides et Scientia Award

Fides et Scientia
Faith and Knowledge

Bethlehem Catholic High School’s Fides et Scientia Award was established in 1995 and is presented annually to a person or persons who have given at least 10 years of dedicated service to the Becahi community. Recipients of this award are those who live their lives in a manner that exemplifies Christian values, dedication, loyalty, and service to Becahi.

Selection Criteria:

  • Recipient does not have to be a graduate of Bethlehem Catholic High School
  • Recipient must give a minimum of 10 years of service to the Becahi community
  • Recipient must exemplify dedication, loyalty, and service to Becahi
  • Recipient must live his/her life in a manner that exemplifies Christian values
  • The individual must serve our school in one or more of the following areas:
    • Religious programs
    • Athletics associations
    • Committee or board members
    • Booster Organization
    • Band Organization
    • Parent/Alumni Social Activities Groups
    • Dedicated Employee – Faculty, Administrative, Secretarial, etc.


1995: Bishop Thomas J. Welsh
1996: Mr. George Karabin ’41
1997: Sister Irma Loreto, SSJ
1998: Dr. Joseph Bartos and Mrs. Ethel (Daday) Bartos ’42
1998: Mr. Richard B. Culver
1999: Mrs. Cynthia Adams
2000: Miss Bernie Stanz
2001: Mrs. Jay Kardos
2002: Mr. Michael V. Palos ’69
2003: Mr. Adelino J. R. Tavares
2004: Mr. William McDonald ’52
2005: Mr. Raymond Gregorek
2006: Mr. Robert DeSilver
2007: Mr. Michael Grasso
2007: Mrs. Anna Marie Culver
2008: Mr. Anthony Iasiello
2009: Mrs. Mary Ellen White & Mrs. Jane Schortz
2010: Mr. Bernie Gallagher ’70
2011: Mr. J. Kenneth Grube
2012: Mr. and Mrs. David (Anne) Muething
2013: Mr. George Harmanos
2014: Father Bernard Ezaki
2015: Mrs. Janice Little
2016: Mr. Michael Tanczos ’78, Mr. Mark Tanczos ’81,
xxxxx Mr. Dan Tanczos ’83, and Mr. Dave Tanczos’85
2017: DJ Seibert ’87
2018: Maureen Thorley
2019: Mr. Tim McGorry
2020: Mr. John O’Boyle ’70
2021: Mrs. Ann M. Ruth
2022: Mrs. Angela Tully
2023: Mr. Ray Boris