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Robert Gowell

Department: Theology | Email: | Phone: (610) 866-0791 ext. 5222

Quality Catholic Education is Mr. Gowell’s passion and for him to be instrumental in sharing his faith, values and love for learning was the driving force for his entrance into the field of Catholic Education. He does it because he believes in the uniqueness of each child in front of him.  It is a privilege to share his belief that those in the ministry of Catholic Education should bring out the best in every student, and in so doing, impart a love for learning which will allow them to use their varied gifts and talents wisely each day.  His belief is that each child can and will learn if educators affirm the uniqueness of each child they teach. He believe that all children can and will learn if we as educators strive to meet their needs and motivate them by our teaching styles.  A Catholic Educator first and foremost has the privilege of sharing with their children the love of God as evidenced in their lives as they strive to teach as Jesus did. Mr. Gowell’s goal is to strive to be a reflection of Christ, the master teacher, in the challenging but richly rewarding ministry of Catholic education in which he has served as an educator since 2003.  You give but little when you give of things but you truly give when you give of yourself and that he has done in his role as a teacher in the field of Catholic education.

Mr. Gowell attended Brooklyn College and graduated with a BS in Management and Finance. He holds a Master’s degrees in Systematic Theology from St. Charles Seminary, Educational Leadership from Lehigh University and Business Administration from Kutztown. He also has his Paralegal Certificate from Penn State.

He serves as the Chair for the Theology department and Moderator of the Peer Listeners and Squires.