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Student Life

A student’s life extends beyond the classroom and that is why we offer a wide variety of programs, clubs and organizations for students to explore. These extra-curricular activities challenge each student to follow their interests and continue learning outside the classroom.

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Exciting News beginning this school year 2024-2025

A Channel of Peace will partner with Bethlehem Catholic to provide a unique opportunity for our students to learn the art of filmmaking from script writing to the final edits.  This extracurricular activity will be taught by Daniel and Tammy Roebuck and other professional film makers. Please click on the link below for more information.



The Arts at Bethlehem Catholic

Whether it’s music, acting or dance that interests you, we offer several opportunities for students to develop their artistic side. From our dance team to the theater program, we encourage students to participate. And if you are passionate about music, we have band and choir programs too.
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Our athletic teams are competitive from year to year, but it’s about more than wins and losses. Our sports programs stretch students to their physical limits while also instilling discipline, promoting teamwork, demanding good sportsmanship and developing leadership skills.

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