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Principal’s Welcome


Hello, all.

As the new principal of Bethlehem Catholic High School, I wanted to send warm greetings out to all of you.  I am honored to be joining an elite team of administrators, teachers, and staff members at BecaHi.  With all of the excellence that surrounds me, it easy to see how Bethlehem Catholic rises to the top as a spiritual, educational and safe environment.  I’m incredibly enthusiastic for the school year to start so that we can start out on this journey together.

Having attended Catholic high school and college, I can relate to BecaHi’s current students.  I can appreciate the love and loyalty the students have for the school.  As a student, I remember being especially proud to tell people that I attend Bishop Hafey.  Sadly, my alma mater, Bishop Hafey High School in Hazleton, no longer exists.  I have fond memories of my time at Hafey, but once the actual school closed, it became easy to feel a little disconnected from that part of your life.  So, at this point, I am hoping to adopt Bethlehem Catholic as my new alma mater.  I intend to give back to Bethlehem Catholic as I would have given back to Hafey.  I also intend to nurture an environment that makes students feel the way I felt when I was in high school, while focusing on the mission statement, which states, “we empower our students to live their faith, embrace learning, serve with compassion and embody integrity.”

Bethlehem Catholic is a community with long-standing traditions and a history stretching back to 1926.  I am eager to take part in these traditions and to lead the school along the path of continued success.  I used to be “Hafey proud,” but from this point forward, I will consider myself “BecaHi proud” as well.

May God bless us all on this new journey!


Holly L. DeNofa