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Honor Roll

BECAHI’s Honor Roll focuses on supporting student academic progress by recognizing students who excel and set an example by consistently achieving high academic standing. Join us in celebrating our quarterly Honor Roll recipients and their dedication to academic excellence.

3rd MP – 2019-2020 Academic Year

FirstName LastNameGrade LevelRecognition
Adam Boyer091st Honors
Adriana Simmons091st Honors
Aiyan Elias091st Honors
Andrew Harmon091st Honors
Aniyah Farrow Williams091st Honors
Anna Petke091st Honors
Armaan Makwana091st Honors
Avril Cruz Jimenez091st Honors
Benjamin Perlowski091st Honors
Brooke Almeida091st Honors
Bryelle Gritz091st Honors
Cara Magliochetti091st Honors
Caroline Guman091st Honors
Christopher Ray091st Honors
Claire Zaza091st Honors
Collin McAllister091st Honors
Corina JeBran091st Honors
Courtney Konish091st Honors
Danyellys Hernandez091st Honors
Dhanica Mae Babelonia091st Honors
Diana Grover091st Honors
Emily Alonge091st Honors
Emily Pepe091st Honors
Eoin Egbert091st Honors
Eric Wert091st Honors
Ethan Patel091st Honors
Ethan Stoss091st Honors
Gabriella Maldonado091st Honors
Gerardo Santamaria091st Honors
Gianna De Meo091st Honors
Grayson Greaves091st Honors
Ioannis Ramirez091st Honors
Jenna Kirk091st Honors
Jillian Templeton091st Honors
John Barron091st Honors
Kyla Rodriguez091st Honors
Lauren Justine091st Honors
Laycha Rodriguez091st Honors
Leah Chladny091st Honors
Luise John091st Honors
Madilyn Lennert091st Honors
Maelle Pierre091st Honors
Margaret Burke091st Honors
Mario Pastrana091st Honors
Marissa Calantoni091st Honors
Mark Mulhern091st Honors
Mary Thornburg091st Honors
Matteo Mowrey091st Honors
Matthew Englehart091st Honors
Matthew Sweitzer091st Honors
Matthew Tomko091st Honors
Maya Bond091st Honors
Mekhi George091st Honors
Miranda Kovatch091st Honors
Nicco Spezza091st Honors
Nick Dang091st Honors
Noah Zacharia091st Honors
Olivia Perez091st Honors
Paul Taylor091st Honors
Reagan Parkes091st Honors
Sarah Mathew091st Honors
Shannyn Duffy091st Honors
Sydney Bennett091st Honors
Vanessa Amrick091st Honors
Veronica Stangl091st Honors
William Alia091st Honors
William Aviles091st Honors
Yarian Fernandez091st Honors
Zachary Smith091st Honors
Ziyi Wang091st Honors
Aidan Rompilla092nd Honors
Alex Cercado092nd Honors
Andrea Falteich092nd Honors
Antonio Mariani092nd Honors
Ayva Negron092nd Honors
Brenden Finnegan092nd Honors
Brianna Barnes092nd Honors
Cael McIntyre092nd Honors
Dino Cantelmi092nd Honors
Francesca Oberholzer092nd Honors
Gabriella Amato092nd Honors
Godfrey Greaves092nd Honors
Isabella Perez092nd Honors
John Reichard092nd Honors
Johnathan Colonna092nd Honors
Johnathan Hulse092nd Honors
Joline Bozzi092nd Honors
Joshua Doane092nd Honors
Juliana Gaglione092nd Honors
Kamoura Cousar092nd Honors
Kendra Rigo092nd Honors
Kristal Torres092nd Honors
Leah Pacheco092nd Honors
Luke Thomas092nd Honors
Melody Boyd092nd Honors
Mia Arbushites092nd Honors
Rahmel Terry092nd Honors
Shane Ward092nd Honors
William Marks092nd Honors
Xavier Lopez092nd Honors
Zachary Neff092nd Honors
Zyaire Morris092nd Honors
Abigail McIntyre101st Honors
Abigail Quinn101st Honors
Adam Perone101st Honors
Adriana Dias101st Honors
Adrianna Mendoza- Stettner101st Honors
Aidan Michels101st Honors
Aiyana Perez101st Honors
Alina Guth101st Honors
Anjali Titus101st Honors
Anthony Barczynski101st Honors
Benjamin Schaible101st Honors
Brandon Freeh101st Honors
Branwen Schantz101st Honors
Brett Fyrer101st Honors
Brian Kruczek101st Honors
Brooke Sodl101st Honors
Brooke Toohey101st Honors
Camila Rodriguez101st Honors
Carlos Lopez Villanueva101st Honors
Caroline Grifone101st Honors
Cassandra Marenski101st Honors
Chaise Albus101st Honors
Charles Pavis101st Honors
Curtis Gruber101st Honors
Daniel Salib101st Honors
Daniel Smith101st Honors
Dante Frinzi101st Honors
D'Anthony Santiago101st Honors
Dongyoung Kim101st Honors
Elise Lembach101st Honors
Elizabeth Guman101st Honors
Elizabeth Morales101st Honors
Elizabeth Williams101st Honors
Ella Trunzo101st Honors
Emilia Lieb101st Honors
Emma Bond101st Honors
Emma Crago101st Honors
Emma Smith101st Honors
Emma Valle101st Honors
Erin Pfeiffer101st Honors
Evan Allena101st Honors
Evan Heffelfinger101st Honors
Gerald Miletics101st Honors
Grace Hartman101st Honors
Gustav Timper101st Honors
Hannah DiLello101st Honors
Harley Gavlick101st Honors
Helen Hrazanek101st Honors
Ian Teresko101st Honors
Isabella Bautista101st Honors
Isabella Smith101st Honors
Jacob Hubany101st Honors
Jacob Manhardt101st Honors
Jacob Stoudt101st Honors
James Gammello101st Honors
Jamir Perez101st Honors
Jared Richardson101st Honors
Jason Caceres101st Honors
Jieming Liu101st Honors
Jieping Zhu101st Honors
John Baron101st Honors
Jordan Merklin101st Honors
Jorge Alejandre Moreno101st Honors
Joshua Maruscak101st Honors
Julia Bricco101st Honors
Justin Kanyuk101st Honors
Justine Zeitner101st Honors
Kailey Adeleye101st Honors
Kara Vasquez101st Honors
Karissa Dominique101st Honors
Kayla Davis101st Honors
Keira Trexler101st Honors
Kensley Joasil101st Honors
Keyara Walters101st Honors
Khotchapong Dheandhanoo101st Honors
Kiyoshi Dixon101st Honors
Kourtney Wilson101st Honors
La'Najie Dunn101st Honors
Leila Chehouri101st Honors
Louise Matthews101st Honors
Lucille Weed101st Honors
Luke Wyatt101st Honors
MacKenzy Ruggiero101st Honors
Madeline Gonzalez101st Honors
Madeline O'Reilly101st Honors
Madelyn Rottloff101st Honors
Madison Tatum101st Honors
Maria Lees101st Honors
Marissa Greenawalt101st Honors
Martina Shelor101st Honors
Mary Locascio101st Honors
Matthew Yusella101st Honors
Melissa Macus101st Honors
Molly Neidig101st Honors
Nicholas Holmes101st Honors
Noah Ramirez101st Honors
Olivia Maund101st Honors
Olivia Shiffert101st Honors
Parker Blease101st Honors
Patricia Superka101st Honors
Patrick Core101st Honors
Rafi Harrington101st Honors
Rebecca Scheidel101st Honors
Robert Ruhl101st Honors
Ryan Henrich101st Honors
Ryanna Kral101st Honors
Sanghyun Sheen101st Honors
Sarah Talpas101st Honors
Sebastian Cortez101st Honors
Stephanie Donato101st Honors
Stephen Hattala101st Honors
Steven Recchio101st Honors
Taylor Adams101st Honors
Teighan Boyle101st Honors
Thomas Fekula101st Honors
Tyriek Rivera101st Honors
Vanessa Speciale101st Honors
Victoria Huffman101st Honors
Alexander Dillon102nd Honors
Aleyah Rivera102nd Honors
Aliyha Carrasquilla102nd Honors
Angelina Iovino102nd Honors
Anna Heimings102nd Honors
Annabella Freed102nd Honors
April Rosado102nd Honors
Aydan Kirby102nd Honors
Brianna Gero102nd Honors
Case Kelly102nd Honors
Chenxu Zhao102nd Honors
Christian Lopez102nd Honors
Cydney Stanton102nd Honors
Dylan Harrison102nd Honors
Ella McIntyre102nd Honors
Emily Tocci102nd Honors
Evan Druckenmiller102nd Honors
Evan Gabriel102nd Honors
Evan Toth102nd Honors
Giovanna Simmons102nd Honors
Isaac Jamison102nd Honors
Isaiah Alexander102nd Honors
Jhoangel Soto102nd Honors
Joseph Kiss102nd Honors
Julia Wright102nd Honors
Kevin Genetti102nd Honors
Lauren Gould102nd Honors
Louis Vidal102nd Honors
Madison Hunsicker102nd Honors
Markus Perez102nd Honors
Matthew Peiffer102nd Honors
Maximus Johnson102nd Honors
Mountain Anderson102nd Honors
Nicholas Abi-Daher102nd Honors
Nicholas Roof102nd Honors
Owen McFadden-Westwood102nd Honors
Pengpeng Wu102nd Honors
Peter Martinez102nd Honors
Rhiannon Pammer102nd Honors
Ryan Glassmacher102nd Honors
Sarah Miskovich102nd Honors
Seojin Lee102nd Honors
Seungjae Lee102nd Honors
Shakeyia York102nd Honors
Simone Reyes102nd Honors
Sophia Wiles102nd Honors
Tyler Eick102nd Honors
Vincent Ardolino102nd Honors
William Hawach102nd Honors
Xinyi Yang102nd Honors
Abigail Bachstein111st Honors
Alexa Schoenfield111st Honors
Amber Simmons111st Honors
Angelina Mills Mendez111st Honors
Anthony Recchia111st Honors
Ashley Judd111st Honors
Ashley Kuhn111st Honors
Ashley LaCava111st Honors
Austin Tran111st Honors
Brady Valle111st Honors
Brandon Panuccio111st Honors
Brendan Hasara111st Honors
Cailey Spanitz111st Honors
Casey Torchia111st Honors
Catherine Scheidel111st Honors
Cecile Szollas111st Honors
Charlotte Ahner111st Honors
Christina Amrick111st Honors
Christopher Miller111st Honors
Clayton Basile111st Honors
Cole Hershman111st Honors
Coleman Nichelson111st Honors
Colin Core111st Honors
Dalton Kucher111st Honors
Daniel Fonte111st Honors
Daniel Perez111st Honors
Declan Dean111st Honors
Elizabeth Mille111st Honors
Elizabeth Weed111st Honors
Emily Sekerak111st Honors
Emma Maskiell111st Honors
Ethan Metzger111st Honors
Evan Gleason111st Honors
Faith Chajnacki111st Honors
Francesco Lanzieri111st Honors
Gabriell Meixell111st Honors
Gavin Kirsch111st Honors
Hailey Kroschwitz111st Honors
Hudson Oberholzer111st Honors
Hunter Cantwell111st Honors
Ian Kish111st Honors
Isabella Faasuamalie111st Honors
Isabella JeBran111st Honors
Jack McIntyre111st Honors
Jackson Gilstrap111st Honors
Jacob Sledz111st Honors
Jaden Clements111st Honors
Jaden Spigner111st Honors
Jarrod Treffinger111st Honors
Jason Batista111st Honors
Jason Palazzo111st Honors
Jiaqi Yuan111st Honors
Jiayi Zhang111st Honors
Jordan Lee Yarsevich111st Honors
Jordon Troxell111st Honors
Joy Wetzel111st Honors
Julia Vorsa111st Honors
Julian Martucci111st Honors
Justin Sikora111st Honors
Katherine Rompilla111st Honors
Keianna Lopez111st Honors
Kelby McNally111st Honors
Kenneth Tran111st Honors
Krista Gimaro111st Honors
Kyleigh Brown111st Honors
Lauren Alia111st Honors
Lauren Lancaster111st Honors
Magerly Balcazar111st Honors
Marcela Banuelos111st Honors
Margaret Wladyslawski111st Honors
Mateo Cruz111st Honors
Matthew Mayer111st Honors
Matthew Millen111st Honors
Matthew Parsons111st Honors
Matthew Styczen111st Honors
Maura Harnett111st Honors
Mckenna Harnett111st Honors
Megan Papcsy111st Honors
Meghan Thornburg111st Honors
Mia Villafane111st Honors
Michael Prendeville111st Honors
Michael Trilli111st Honors
Michael Vasquez111st Honors
Michael Zaza111st Honors
Mya Mitchell111st Honors
Mychael Althouse111st Honors
Natalia Kokosky111st Honors
Nicholas Foreman111st Honors
Nicole Moussa111st Honors
Patrik Sidor111st Honors
Peter Courtney111st Honors
Peter Zmijewski111st Honors
Qianya Xu111st Honors
Rachel Oppedisano111st Honors
Rachel Samuels111st Honors
Reagan McGill111st Honors
Rece Martin111st Honors
Reilly McNally111st Honors
Rileigh Cummings111st Honors
Ryan Fonte111st Honors
Sabina Rosin111st Honors
Samantha Hoffman111st Honors
Sarah Knoble111st Honors
Scripture House111st Honors
Sean Walshe111st Honors
Shadwick Yoder111st Honors
Shainy Soto111st Honors
Shannon Stewart111st Honors
Sofia Ventura111st Honors
Stephen Black111st Honors
Tatiana Villa111st Honors
Teddy Omondi111st Honors
Thanh Huynh111st Honors
Tryce Sammons111st Honors
Vincent Dadlani111st Honors
Yanji Gao111st Honors
Zachary Schmalz111st Honors
Zejia Lu111st Honors
Abigail Hercules112nd Honors
Abigial Rodriguez112nd Honors
Anthony DeRosa112nd Honors
Cody DeFrancesco112nd Honors
Daniel Palacios Garcia112nd Honors
Fred Castor112nd Honors
Jarelyn Vargas112nd Honors
John Kaczor112nd Honors
Kayla Lightfoot112nd Honors
Kaylee Maines112nd Honors
Kieran Mesure112nd Honors
Lillian Piff112nd Honors
Maribel Moyer112nd Honors
Mikkel Lee112nd Honors
Nathan Genetti112nd Honors
Qitian Cheng112nd Honors
Scott McClary112nd Honors
Stephen Jordan112nd Honors
Zakia Allen112nd Honors
Aaron Sudigala121st Honors
Abigail Brown121st Honors
Abigail Roberts121st Honors
Addison Roche121st Honors
Aidan Gutherman121st Honors
Alexia Ferraro121st Honors
Alyssa Brandstetter121st Honors
Alyssa Tonetti121st Honors
Amanda Hegedus121st Honors
Amber Freeh121st Honors
Anaelly Fernandez121st Honors
Angelina Fecanin121st Honors
Anh Tu Ngoc Dinh121st Honors
Anthony Aach121st Honors
Anthony Hawach121st Honors
Austin Druckenmiller121st Honors
Bo Yin121st Honors
Brandon Lysick121st Honors
Brent Brown121st Honors
Brett Wyatt121st Honors
Brianna Weiner121st Honors
Bridget Ehrig121st Honors
Brooke Bisko121st Honors
Bryan Santana121st Honors
Caitlin Maloney121st Honors
Carl Link121st Honors
Carson Braxmeier121st Honors
Chyna Moore121st Honors
Clarissa Lieb121st Honors
Cody Weber121st Honors
Cole Handlovic121st Honors
Conner Thierry121st Honors
Connor Hegedus121st Honors
Connor Murphy121st Honors
Damien Rebimbas121st Honors
Daniel DeLuca121st Honors
David Ciaccio121st Honors
Deirdre Kelly121st Honors
Dylan Zambo121st Honors
Elisabeth Talpas121st Honors
Ellie Freiss121st Honors
Emma Pfeiffer121st Honors
Eric Smith121st Honors
Gabriel Velez121st Honors
Gabriella Surovcik121st Honors
George French121st Honors
Gina Gaglione121st Honors
Giulio Zerba Pagella121st Honors
Grace Domyan121st Honors
Grace Downey121st Honors
Gregory Tomko121st Honors
Guruveer Bhamra121st Honors
Gyani Rebimbas121st Honors
Haley McMenimen121st Honors
Hayleigh Soldridge121st Honors
Hayley Cruz121st Honors
Hongjin Fang121st Honors
Isabelle Rosario121st Honors
Itzanamy Herrera Solano121st Honors
Jacob Moser121st Honors
Jaden Youwakim121st Honors
Jaleesa Lanier121st Honors
Jalen Montes121st Honors
James Baron121st Honors
Jiayi Guo121st Honors
Jingjun Yang121st Honors
John Duda121st Honors
John Turnbach121st Honors
Joseph Miller121st Honors
Julian-Sinclair Thomas121st Honors
Justice Sealey121st Honors
Kalaiyah Thomas121st Honors
Kamryn Williamson121st Honors
Kaylyn Ward121st Honors
Keith Neidig121st Honors
Kenneth Herrmann121st Honors
Kristen Ruhl121st Honors
Kristofer Morrow121st Honors
Lauren Paulus121st Honors
Lillian Grochowski121st Honors
Lorenzo Alderiso121st Honors
Lucas Soares121st Honors
Madison Haeusler121st Honors
Madison McLaughlin121st Honors
Malik Thomas121st Honors
Marco Banuelos121st Honors
Marco Calantoni121st Honors
Mary Frances Scheidel121st Honors
Mary O'Reilly121st Honors
Matthew Caricari121st Honors
Matthew Sodano121st Honors
Matthew Stianche121st Honors
Megan Nauroth121st Honors
Michael Maldonado121st Honors
Mikhayla Rogowsky121st Honors
Muyu Yuan121st Honors
Myrna Khalouf121st Honors
Natalie Andrew121st Honors
Nathaniel Estock121st Honors
Nhi Tran121st Honors
Nicholas Casso121st Honors
Nicholas Greenawalt121st Honors
Nicolas Pepe121st Honors
Onabele McFadden121st Honors
O'Neviah Scott- Almonte121st Honors
Owen Wasilewski121st Honors
Patrick Metzger121st Honors
Rachael Mege121st Honors
Reagan Zemgulis121st Honors
Rebecca Abbott121st Honors
Robert Oppedisano121st Honors
Ruoshi Zhang121st Honors
Ryan Santana121st Honors
Sarah Leonard121st Honors
Scott Kowalski121st Honors
Selena Saliby121st Honors
Shania Carpenter121st Honors
Siobhan Koons121st Honors
Suzanne Willard121st Honors
Taliyah Medina121st Honors
Teghan McIntyre121st Honors
Teofolo Filingo121st Honors
Tong Yu121st Honors
Tony Mathew121st Honors
Trent Talipan121st Honors
Tyler Blatnik121st Honors
Wyatt Kilhefner121st Honors
Wyatt Nixon121st Honors
XiaoPu Liu121st Honors
Yunuo Hu121st Honors
Zining Shen121st Honors
Aidan Mesure122nd Honors
Alex Tucker122nd Honors
Alexander Santostefano122nd Honors
Alondra Llovet - Torres122nd Honors
Alyssa Quinones122nd Honors
Ava Costa122nd Honors
Brandon Bereznak122nd Honors
Darnell Neely122nd Honors
Elijah Figueroa122nd Honors
Elijah Hayward122nd Honors
Elle Jasionowski122nd Honors
Emma Carreras122nd Honors
Hailey Quier122nd Honors
Jack Alleshouse122nd Honors
Jacob Musngi122nd Honors
Jeramiah Lyons122nd Honors
Jianyi Xu122nd Honors
John O'Connor122nd Honors
Jordyn Hochwarter122nd Honors
Laila Del Valle122nd Honors
Luke Wladyslawski122nd Honors
Madison Gritz122nd Honors
Mariana Echeverri Rave122nd Honors
Matthew Lackman122nd Honors
McKenzie Brandon122nd Honors
Michael Luchetta122nd Honors
Myungchul Chang122nd Honors
Nicholas Pavelcze122nd Honors
Paige Mathur122nd Honors
Peter Varghese122nd Honors
Rebecca Seeds122nd Honors
Ryan Lowe122nd Honors
Shylynn Cordero122nd Honors
Sierra Issa122nd Honors
Tabbitha Brown122nd Honors
Taiden Sammons122nd Honors
Tavion Banks122nd Honors