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Robert Schiller

Department: Social Studies | Email: | Phone: (610) 866-0791 ext. 5212

Mr. Schiller’s wish is that his students continue to grow in their faith, and use faith and reason to make good decisions throughout their lives. He believes that students learn in many different ways. One way is by good example. Treating his students with respect is an important part of his educational philosophy. Witnessing this level of respect helps students recognize the importance of respecting others and themselves. In addition through theology classes, which include Christian Morality, Catholic Social Justice and the Holocaust students learn to treat all people with dignity and respect life. This knowledge coupled with the study of history allows them to recognize injustices being inflicted on others within their community and around the world. His goal is that his students learn to actively stand up for themselves and others if their basic human rights are being threatened or challenges.

Mr. Schiller is teaching Theology 10, World Geography and  a two semester course, which consists of The Holocaust (first semester) and World’s Religions (second semester).

Mr. Schiller’s certification is in Secondary Social Studies. He has his Master Level Certification in Religious Studies and a Certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He began teaching for the Allentown Diocese in 1994.