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Important Information – Attendance, Lateness and Early Dismissal

All attendance matters are handled by Mrs. Connie Morrow in the Student Affairs Office. She can be reached at (610) 866-0791, Ext. 330.

ABSENCE –  A parent or guardian must report a student’s absence by 8:00 a.m. each day a student is absent, unless the call specifies that the student will be absent for a specific number of days.  Please call the above number and leave a message on the Attendance Voicemail, which is available 24/7.  Please provide the following information:

* Name of the student

* Grade level (freshman, sophomore, etc.)

* Reason for absence or lateness

* Identity of the caller (mother, father, guardian, etc.)

Written Excuse: In addition to the phone call, on the day of the student’s return to school, a written note verifying the absence is to be brought to the Student Affairs office. This is a requirement of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. A written note does not replace the need to telephone the absence on the day it occurs.

LATENESS –   If a student will be arriving to school later than 8:05 a.m., a parent or guardian must report the student’s lateness.   Please note that the phone call is for notification purposes only.  A parent phone call or parent note does not excuse a lateness.  Lateness will only be excused if a note is provided from a professional (doctor, dentist, counsellor, etc.).  Lateness is also excused for a documented court appearance or a DOT appointment.

ADVANCE NOTICEIf a student knows in advance that he/she will be absent (e.g. vacation, funeral, college visit, etc.) or needs to be excused from class before the end of the day (e.g. dentist/doctor appointment), please observe the following procedure:

  • DOCTOR/PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTSAdvance notice to Student Affairs office is required whenever a student has a doctor’s appointment which will result in a late arrival to school, or require an early release from school. Please notify Student Affairs at least one day in advance.  On the  day of the requested dismissal, the student should report to the Student Affairs office that morning to get a Release Pass, which must be shown to the classroom teacher at the appropriate time.  At the time of dismissal, the student will report to the Main Office to be signed out by a parent or guardian. Upon return to school, the student must provide the Student Affairs Office with verification of the appointment from the office of the professional. If the student is a driver, please give permission to drive in your request for an early release. If a student is returning to school after the appointment, it is not necessary for the parent to come into the school. Students should report to Student Affairs to sign in and get a pass.
  • COLLEGE VISITSAdvance notice is also required for students planning a college tour. Documentation is required upon return.   Please note that the student is responsible for any missed assignments.
  • FAMILY VACATIONAdvance notice is also required for family vacations. Please note that the student is responsible for any missed assignments.