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The curriculum of Bethlehem Catholic High School is designed to challenge students to their potential in a stable, academic community in which Christian values and principles of the Catholic Church are the foundation for the individual”s growth.

The planned curriculum is presented to meet academic and career needs. Through the variety of course offerings, students are invited to become involved in a program of studies that challenge, encourage and mature God-given talents.

The curriculum is essentially the plan of learning to achieve the main outcomes of the school as an educational institution.


  1. To develop in students the desire to seek truth in all areas of the curriculum
  2. To educate students to accept personal responsibility for their education by making good choices
  3. To provide a systematic program of academics and religious instruction faithful to the teachings of Christ
  4. To instill in the student a valid sense of personal worth and acceptance of all regardless of race, color, creed or ethnic origin
  5. To insure a warm environment which allows a free flow of ideas, a respect for the opinion of others and opportunities to thrive as a citizen in ou democratic society
  6. To develop true scholarship at all levels through critical thinking, the spirit of inquiry and creativity
  7. To promote an environment of learning which strengthens the student’s ability to perceive comprehensively, to analyze accurately, to choose responsibility and to live freely as a committed Christian