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Principal’s Letter

Dear Friends and Family of BECA,

For more than 85 years, Bethlehem Catholic High School has been a very special place for young men and women to experience higher education. More than 9,000 alumni know it. Parents and families of those alumni know it. Those of us who have the privilege of interacting with Bethlehem Catholic students every day know it. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Listen to what our students have to say:

“I am receiving a top-notch education at BECA and I grow closer to Jesus every day. … Bethlehem Catholic has a sense of unity and community within that is only found here.” – Julia M.

“Bethlehem Catholic is the best school in the Lehigh Valley. I would love to show people how BECA is the best place to send your kids or grand kids. (This is) the most kind and caring atmosphere I’ve ever been in.” – Trevor K.

“(The three best attributes of Bethlehem Catholic are) the way our student body is so united with each other; how everyone respects each other’s diversity; and the faculty cares so much about seeing their students succeed. There are many great factors about BECA that other schools don’t offer.” – Connor H.

“We are a community of strength and leaders. I don’t think you could find a better faculty anywhere else.” – Samantha S.

“As a faith community, we work together to live up to our mission as disciples of Christ, serving even the least of our brothers and sisters. Though we may not win every game or contest, the love and spirit for our school prevails.” – Jenna E.

“The sense of community and family here is something that’s hard to describe but easily felt. … The communication and collaboration between administration, faculty and students fosters a supportive learning environment.” – Victoria T.

“I love BECA more than anything and I thank my mom every day for sending me to school here! I feel like part of a family.” – Caitlynn V.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Would you consider a gift this year to help give the BECA experience to students who might not otherwise have it? If so, you can designate a gift toward scholarships. Over the years, generous donors have helped us to maintain our beautiful campus setting and provide current programs and technology to benefit all students.

We are very grateful for any amount you are able to give. You have my promise that we will steward your gift in the best way possible.

Please visit our newly-designed website,, to see all that’s new at Bethlehem Catholic. Or better yet, come and visit us and see for yourself!

With gratitude,

John P. Petruzzelli

For more information, please click on the PDF below to find out about what is happening at BECA. You may also click on the button below or on the Annual Appeal page to make a donation.

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