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No Cost Fundraising

Below are several no-cost ways to you can help BecaHi simply by signing up for retail programs, and having these programs divert funds to help BecaHi students.



“Participate in Target’s “Take Charge of Education” Program, an enormous investment that directly helps students. Every time you use the “REDcard” at Target, the store donates up to 1% of your purchases to the school you designate. Each September, those funds are distributed to schools nationwide.

In order to help BecaHi, the next time you are at Target, sign up for one of their “REDcards.” Once you have a REDcard, log on to and enroll in the “Take Charge of Education” Program. Be sure to designate Bethlehem Catholic as your school to benefit from the program. To date, Target has donated $300 million to schools.

Giant Food Stores


Participate in Giant Food Stores’ “A+ School Rewards” Program. Register online for a Giant BONUSCARD and select Bethlehem Catholic to begin earning A+ School Rewards. Each time you shop at Giant using your BONUSCARD Bethlehem Catholic will earn school rewards. – GoodShop

Earn money for Bethlehem Catholic everytime you search or shop. Make GoodSearch your default search engine and earn a penny a search for Bethlehem Catholic everytime you search. Download the GoodToolbar today.

Goodsearch Toolbar



Socialvest: Shopping and Giving, All In One Easy Step!


Bethlehem Catholic High School has teamed up with Socialvest, a charity based shopping platform that provides an opportunity to earn money for Bethlehem Catholic every time a user shops online with one of the 800+ retailers participating via the Socialvest site.

With each purchase you make, a percentage (1-35%) of the total purchase will be donated to Bethlehem Catholic, at NO cost to you! Our goal is to find easy ways for you to give back by doing something that you already do: Shop!

All you have to do is sign up go Shopping!

Every dollar matters!

Your help supports all of our students, programs and upgrades and by using Socialvest you help without taking any additional money out of your pocket. Every purchase, whether it is a plane ticket, a toy or a pair of shoes, can make a difference.

Please sign up today!