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Annual Auction


Please note, our Luck Be a Hawk Casino night has been moved to November 10th. Tickets are available! Please contact Tina Giordano at:

How To Join Our Team:

Email kevina@becahi.orgfor more information or to join our team!

We Have Positions Both Big and Small!
Everyone is invited to Join Our Team and help support the students of Becahi.


Acquisitions: Solicit goods and services to be auctioned off for silent or LIVE!
Acquisitions Operations: Works in conjunction with Acquisitions to process, catalog and exhibit all items for Auction.
Catalog Advertising: Solicit local business to advertise within our Catalog.
Chance Table: Create a theme and gather items for our guests to win in the $10-$25 range.
Event Operations: Design the décor and floor plan for the foyer and main room of the Auction.
Homeroom Baskets: Organize parent volunteers, create themes for each homeroom, distribute funds and collect baskets and descriptions of baskets to Auction.
Menu and Table Operations: Create menu, table designs and coordinate with Chef Phil.
Raffle: Determine the prizes and organize to sell raffle tickets.
Sponsorships: Solicit possible sponsors to help underwrite the Auction.