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Annual Auction


Thank you for supporting the Greatest School on Earth!! 
We especially want to thank our donors, sponsors and participants for making our annual auction such a success. Your generous donations helped to raise almost $70,000!

The proceeds from this great event will benefit students through continued technology updates including interactive classroom software.  Your support allows us to be on the “cutting edge of technology” while we nurture our students to be responsible citizens and future community leaders.

The “Big Top” was filled with much excitement including, a caricature artist, live monkey, stilt walker and juggler.  Attendance included 245 people including alumni, current families and friends from the community, 34 faculty and 30 student volunteers. These individuals routinely choose the services of companies like yours and appreciate you supporting what matters most to them and their children.

Thank you for your support year after year, as it makes a huge impact on our Becahi community and students. Join us again next year for our annual auction in Fall of 2017. Stay tuned for the theme of next year’s auction!

Information and response forms are included for your convenience.  If you have any questions, please contact the Advancement Office at 610-866-0791, ext. 323 or

Thank you in for your generosity and support.


How To Join Our Team:

Email for more information or to join our team!

We Have Positions Both Big and Small!
Everyone is invited to Join Our Team and help support the students of Becahi.


Acquisitions: Solicit goods and services to be auctioned off for silent or LIVE!
Acquisitions Operations: Works in conjunction with Acquisitions to process, catalog and exhibit all items for Auction.
Catalog Advertising: Solicit local business to advertise within our Catalog.
Chance Table: Create a theme and gather items for our guests to win in the $10-$25 range.
Event Operations: Design the décor and floor plan for the foyer and main room of the Auction.
Homeroom Baskets: Organize parent volunteers, create themes for each homeroom, distribute funds and collect baskets and descriptions of baskets to Auction.
Menu and Table Operations: Create menu, table designs and coordinate with Chef Phil.
Raffle: Determine the prizes and organize to sell raffle tickets.
Sponsorships: Solicit possible sponsors to help underwrite the Auction.