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Guidance Services

Guidance services at Bethlehem Catholic High School strive to foster the development of the entire person – mental, spiritual, academic and social. Through academic advisement, career education and college placement, the guidance staff supports students in their academic life and in their roles as good citizens. Students are called to the guidance office for meetings and interviews but they may also visit their guidance counselor as needed. BecaHi believes that a good rapport and working relationship between counselor and student are crucial to student success. In their four years, students will have a freshman counselor, a sophomore counselor and then a college counselor (for their junior and senior years).

Career Planning

One of the functions of the Guidance Department is to provide career advisement. This begins in freshman year and continues throughout the four years of high school. Counselors use career inventories and other career-related materials to engage students. They also utilize the Naviance Guidance Program for advisement in this area. Students and parents can take advantage of the tools and programs in the Naviance Guidance Program related to careers and career planning.

Academic Counseling

One of the functions of the Guidance Department is to provide academic counseling. Our counselors do this in a variety of ways. Counselors meet on an individual basis with all students to discuss individual academics and academic success. Counselors offer information about standardized test prep, college and scholarships. They administer PSAT and Advanced Placement testing. They provide information nights for parents and students on academic topics. They coordinate and manage parent/student-teacher conferences to discuss academic issues, concerns and progress. They are also available to discuss and assist with course selection.

Counseling Services

“Counselors do not provide personal counseling. They do assist students and families with personal issues and concerns. However, if personal counseling is needed they work, in conjunction with the Dean of Students, to make recommendations and assist students and families to find an outside counselor. The school then maintains a relationship with the outside counselor as needed to provide feedback and any assistance that it necessary.

Psychological services are available to students at Bethlehem Catholic through Intermediate Unit 20. A school psychologist is available and school counselors can coordinate services with the Intermediate Unit for families who may need these services.